July 28, 2021


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Green Technology Environmental Projects Are Picking up Pace at Audi

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What is Audi doing to protect the environment? The question was highlighted by TechTalk: Green Technology, where Audi unveiled complex and new technology topics on June 9 and 10, marking the GREENTECH FESTIVAL business event on June 17 and 18.

Audi is involved in protecting the environment in many ways – be it with smart procurement monitoring, micro- and macroplastic elimination, or resource efficiency. It is different as the projects presented at TechTalk: Green Technology may be, with one thing in common: they represent additional measures of net-zero carbon neutrality.


“At last year’s TechTalk, we saw what Audi was doing to make its car’s carbon footprint as small as possible,” recalls Franziska Queling, a spokeswoman for Audi overseas sites and the host of TechTalk: Green Technology. “This year,” he emphasizes, “we are talking about Audi’s environmental projects that are thinking and moving forward to ensure that our future remains secure. One thing is certain: protecting the environment is more than just reducing carbon emissions. ”

And because environmental protection is so important to Audi, the four-ring brand is also the partner that launched this year’s GREENTECH FESTIVAL event, which runs from June 16 to 18.


The festival is held as a hybrid event both live on site in Kraftwerk Berlin and digitally on guest computers, laptops, and smartphones. The company will be exhibiting environmental projects and projects with key names, panel discussions, boot camps, and in-depth immersion to show that its products, processes, and building materials are all about fighting climate change and promoting sustainability with the help of computer simulations.

One of the things that will be presented by Audi is the Audi factory building model that shows an example of how production sites can be used with the release of net-zero by 2025. Audi Denkwerkstatt will be launching an ecomove app, which should move users to reduce carbon emissions. And the Audi Environmental Foundation will launch a new microplastic filter for urban water management and two cleaning systems, including cosmetic manufacturer BABOR and green start-up everwave.

Oliver Hoffmann, Member of Audi’s Technical Management Board, will be delivering the keynote address on the topic of “Green Holistically: Talking and Walking Green in Life As in Business” on June 17 at 4pm. In the new depths (June 17, 4 pm), Henrik Wenders, Head of Audi Brand, will also discuss topics such as branding, human resource management, and corporate culture with Henkel representatives, Norsk Gjenvinning Group, WALA Foundation, and Tanja Kufner manager.


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Audi Sport was awarded the FIA ??Three-Star Environmental Accreditation
The Neuburg area is embraced by the full standards of natural resources: groundwater, green electricity, photovoltaics, biotope site Julius Seebach:
Lithium water study in partnership with the University of Alaska Anchorage and the University of Massachusetts Amherst
BMW Group and BASF conducted a scientific analysis of the use of water for various forms of lithium mining in South America from the University of Alaska Anchorage and the University of Massachusetts Amherst in late 2020. Research will invest heavily >>


BMW Group is the first automaker in the world to take part in the Project for the Benefit of Responsible Mining (IRMA) in early 2020. SOUND is a universally managed initiative that has developed guidelines for responsible mining of raw materials, and this defines strict requirements for compliance with environmental and social standards. read more > > > > > >
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